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Congratulations Battle of the Books District Winners!

Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books is a state-wide program which promotes literacy and academic success. Students who choose to participate will read 10-12 books and are asked comprehension questions about what they have read. Grades K-12 participate in our district's annual competition. Grades 3-12 have a chance to move on to continue competing statewide.
State Results:
The Coconut Sharks (Raven Homeschool Delta) tied for second place in Round 2 of the State Battle.
District-Wide Results:
Kindergarten - 2nd Grade
Wolfpack (Andrew K Demoski School)
3rd-4th Grade

Bobreaders (Raven Homeschool-Anchorage)

5th-6th Grade
Diamond Willow (Raven Homeschool-Wasilla)
Middle School 
Raven Readers (Raven Homeschool-Wasilla)
High School 
Coconut Sharks (Raven Homeschool-Delta)